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The likes of Lionel Messi, Roger Federer, Sachin Tendulkar and many others are blessed with exceptional talents. But, they would not have been able to achieve half of what they have, had they not been good team players or possessed the intelligence to succeed. Almost all human beings are gifted with some talent but very few people’s talent prove to be sufficient for them to succeed.  

Given the world as it is, an inter-dependent web of countries, the emphasis seems to be on teamwork. While talent might go unnoticed and not yield success, the ability of a person to adjust to the dynamism of a team will hold him/ her in good stead since organisations today depend more on the collective power of groups to tackle complex problems rather than one talented person. This is because a group enables the coming together of a diverse talent pool which can be tapped to improve the results. Individual talent can create moments of brilliance but the collective strength of a team can consistently perform the things that matter and overcome individual limitations.   

Talent is undeniably an important factor in success. Without any talent, an individual might start at a disadvantage. However, for talent to translate into results, a suitable environment along with intelligence is necessary. A talented individual has his/her own limitations which might not let him reach his/her own full potential but a team, by pooling in multiple intelligences and resources, can overcome individual constraints easily. Also, talent amounts to nothing if the person does not use it judiciously. This is where an intelligent, talented person scores over a person with talent but no intelligence.  

The conflict between individual pursuits and team goals is difficult to settle. The team is always bigger than the individual. If the talented individual is unwilling to sacrifice for the good of the team, not just the team but the individual himself/herself suffers. In sports, in particular, a talented sportsman might win a few games but to win championships, the entire team needs to contribute. A united team working in one direction will become an indomitable force stronger than an individual. 

Thus, talent is nothing without the right opportunities, right environment, right team and intelligence, all of which together convert talent into achievement.

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What Makes a Champion?

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What makes a champion?  It is not the trophy.  It is not the talent. Not the salary, the most points, the fastest time, or the most records. It is not even being the best of the best. All of these things are just the benefits of what makes a true champion. You see, the real winners in life are those who have the courage to see the impossible. They are the people who overcome and persevere through all adversity. They learn from their mistakes, and no matter what, they never give up on their dreams. A true champion has VISION...


Vision, by the way, is something I happen to have dealt with in my lifetime. My identical twin sister, Aly, and I were born two-and-a-half months prematurely. Barely tipping the scales at two pounds each, we were placed into incubators, where an over-exposure to oxygen left me visually impaired. (Aly was in a different incubator, so her vision has been unaffected.) Considered legally blind, I have no vision with my right eye, and very limited vision (20/600) with my left eye. I have no perception of depth, and rapidly decreasing vision beyond a few feet. In fact, as I write this, my face is about one inch from the text.


Growing up, Aly and I shared a special bond. Because her vision is normal, she took on the role of one who kept a watchful eye on me as she inspired my independence. She strengthened my will to overcome my disability, too, as we shared common competitive interests. Our relationship was strengthened even more, when at the age of 12, we embarked upon what was to become one of the most rewarding endeavours of our lives to date. . . cheerleading.


It may sound quite improbable that I would have become a cheerleader, especially since I cannot even see the athletes I cheer for, but I never approached it that way. I simply saw cheerleading as an opportunity to see my dreams become reality.


Dreams, as I learned rather quickly, do not just happen by themselves. So, I stayed late at practice quite often where I learned the true meaning of commitment. Strength training taught me self-discipline. My first back flip taught me perseverance. My first stunt taught me balance, in the most literal sense of the word, and my first injury taught me to deal with physical and emotional pain, but it also taught me how to heal.

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My fellow cheerleaders taught me the meaning of human compassion beyond the typical definition.


I began to see that these were lessons of life that would stay with me far beyond my days as a cheerleader. It taught me that overcoming a disability is a lot like overcoming any obstacle in life: It is not about how many times you have a bad day and fall down; it is about how many times you make the choice to get up and move on.   And so it went-- I was moving through a career in cheerleading that gave much more to me than I could ever return.


As Aly and I cheered through high school, we were flattered to receive some public recognition for our accomplishments in cheerleading. We were named All-American cheerleaders during our last year of high school, and cheered for over 80 million people in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. By the time we were 18, cheerleading had become an integral part of who I was, and who Aly was. It was hard to imagine our lives without it.


Fortunately, we didn't have to do that yet. Upon graduating from high school, Aly and I taught cheerleaders of all ages at summer camps held by the National Cheerleaders Association, which is the original organisation under which American cheerleading has grown. We also intend to continue our cheerleading at Harvard while attending undergrad, and, perhaps, while we attend Harvard Law .


We would consider it a privilege to cheer at Harvard. I truly believe, without a doubt, that we could transform the Harvard cheerleading squad into one of the most prestigious cheerleading squads in the world. We love the sport of cheerleading and are committed to its excellence.

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