Essay On Education In The Age Of Globalisation

The Globalization of Education Essay

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In this modern era, the term
“globalization” is used, accepted, and treated widely in most parts of the world. It is a worldwide movement toward economic, financial, trade, and communications integration. Actually, there are massive numbers of debates happening around the world relating to the “globalization” issue. Indeed, globalization has brought an innumerable amount of positive and negative alterations to the world. One of the aspects that have been affected by those changes is, without any doubt, education. No one can negate the impact of globalization on education since it has created many changes in the education system all over the world. Apart from some drawbacks, globalization definitely has many positive effects in education…show more content…

Online Etymology Dictionary defines education as the imparting or acquisition of general knowledge, the development of reasoning and judgment, and the common intellectual preparation for mature life (“Education”). In general, education is more than reading, writing, and arithmetic; it is one of the most important investments a certain country can make in its people and its future and is critical reducing poverty and inequality. Learning to open doors to a great world of possibilities and knowledge will most likely lead to success. People who are not fortunate enough to receive a formal education will have to face a road full of difficulties throughout their lives. It is not a secret that the more education people have, the better standard of living they will enjoy. Besides, education is obviously one of the factors that have been mostly affected by the process of globalization in both positive and negative ways.
Some of the few negative effects that globalization brings to education are found on the developing countries. Certainly, the major problem with the global education system is accessibility. In the essay about the effect of globalization and culture, Srinivasan Chinnammai, professor of University of Madras, India, indicates that while developed countries have been acquiring and using technology for education, developing countries are being left behind
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(Chinnammai). The issue that Chinnammai mentioned

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Technology and the Globalization of Education Essay examples

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If technology travels at the speed of sound, then the impact of technology can be said to travel at the speed of light. In the first twenty years of man and machine collaboration, technology isolated people to a certain degree, leading to an inward search of meaning between the two. In effect, there was less, not more, collaboration. The present, however, is far different as educators, students and institutions work to overcome the tech shock and begin to look outward at the possibility of utilizing technology for widespread collaborative purposes. The outcomes of the collision between technology and education within the global realm are better relations and more equal educational opportunities. The issues discussed…show more content…

Through the ages, the world changed dramatically as we learned to replicate written words at an ever greater speed (movable type), the sharing of images and experiences (photography and cinematography), and the ease of storytelling and sharing through blogs. In the last forty years alone, technological innovation went from PASCAL to tablets, a passageway which has given humans the ability to collect and share all of human kind's experience in a simple, portable device. The present day reality is already mind-numbingly different. Without the use of technology, information and innovation, we would remain as slow in development as it had the previous two thousand years – in contrast, the use of these innovations has led to unprecedented productivity and communication. An education today doesn't conjure up thoughts of a classroom, but information shared electronically through machines. Students can be educated five thousand miles from the campus, by a professor born and bred in a culture seemingly light years apart, from the comforts of an office chair on another continent. The challenges inherent in today's reality come in many forms but are related, specifically, to the speed at which everything is changing. The typical learning curve with the adoption and adaptation to new technology has always been large; in today's world, where new hardware and

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