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Healthcare Cover Letter Tips

First impressions count in the job search, and that's why a dynamite cover letter can mean the difference between success and failure in your healthcare job search. But what makes a dazzling healthcare cover letter? Several career experts share their advice.

Get to the Point

State the purpose of your letter in the first paragraph. Small talk is generally a waste of space. "Most of the cover letters we do for clients are three paragraphs or so and fill less than a page," says Shel Horowitz, director of Accurate Writing & More in Hadley, Massachusetts.

Tailor Your Letter to the Reader

Focus on the needs of the specific healthcare organization, not on your own requirements as a job seeker, says Lorna Lindsey, director of academic affairs for CompHealth, a healthcare recruiting and staffing firm based in Salt Lake City. Visit your potential healthcare employer's Web site or read the company's annual report to learn more about it, and then use your cover letter to demonstrate how your skills and experience can benefit the organization.

Maintain the Right Tone

A cover letter should be "businesslike, friendly and enthusiastic," says Bill Frank, founder of CareerLab in Denver and author of 200 Letters for Job Hunters.

Healthcare professionals have the "opportunity to reveal their passion" through a cover letter, but the document "shouldn't become too syrupy, or it loses its objectivity and professionalism," says Lorne Weeks III, MD, a healthcare consultant for the Physician Career Network, a division of CareerLab.

Make It Memorable

New healthcare graduates can make their cover letters stand out by personalizing their stories. If you decided to model your career after a healthcare professional who helped a family member, for example, tell that story rather than making the blander claim that you've always wanted to help people. "If your story is unique, it's no longer a cliche," Frank says.

Stay on Track

The best cover letters are direct and concise, says Kathy Campbell, employment and employee relations manager at Holy Spirit Health System in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. "Don't include a lot of unnecessary personal information," she says.

Highlight Your Biggest Successes

Your healthcare cover letter shouldn't just summarize your career or repeat the same information from your resume, according to Wendy Enelow, founder of the Career Masters Institute in Fresno, California. "You want it to highlight the successes and achievements of your career that are most related to the types of positions for which you are applying," she says.

According to Frank, you should mention career-related "triples and home runs" in your cover letter.

Use Power Phrases

Use strong action words to convey your healthcare experiences and illustrate your healthcare qualifications with phrases like "I have a strong background in" and "I have a talent for," Lindsey says.

Don't be shy about selling yourself, Enelow notes, since that's the purpose of a cover letter.

Show Your Team Spirit

If you have room for a few extra sentences in your cover letter, Lindsey suggests emphasizing your teamwork and communication skills. "In this day and age, teamwork and communication are vitally important in almost every healthcare position, from the lowest to the highest paid," she says.

Spice Up Your Writing

Effective cover letters are a little different from all the others but still straightforward, experts say. For example, the boring, traditional way to start a cover letter is: "I am writing in response to your advertisement for a nurse and have enclosed my resume for your review." The better cover letter beginning could be: "Your ad on Monster for a nurse captured my attention and motivated me to learn more about this healthcare opportunity." Then describe how your healthcare qualifications match the employer's needs. 

Follow Up

An unforgivable error some job seekers make is failing to follow up after promising to do so in a cover letter. If you write in your cover letter that you'll call the letter recipient on a certain day or by a specific deadline, do it.


  • Provide salary information when it is not requested.
  • Address a letter recipient by anything other than his name. Avoid "Dear Sirs" at all costs.
  • Write a canned, generic letter that looks like it was copied from a book.
  • Start the first paragraph and too many other sentences with "I."
  • Make spelling errors and typos.
  • Handwrite a cover letter.
  • Use shoddy paper, or paper that's different from your resume paper.
  • Cram too much information into a small space.
  • Include irrelevant personal information or job experience.
  • Overstate your accomplishments or contradict your resume.

Learn more about healthcare careers.

Healthcare Consultant Resume Samples

Healthcare Consultants are analysts working in the healthcare industry and making suggestions on how to improve efficiency. The ideal candidate is able to perform tasks such as identifying problems, examining medical data, analyzing revenues, interviewing staff, and identifying ways of reducing costs. Employers select resumes mentioning qualifications like health management expertise, analytical thinking, attention to details, strong communication abilities, and teamwork. A Master's Degree in healthcare management or a similar field is common experience in most Healthcare Consultant resume examples.

Looking for job listings? Check out our Healthcare Consultant Jobs page.


Healthcare Consultant

Work within Patient Financial Services and all levels of the hospital revenue cycle including denials management, write-off prevention, and billing and collections improvement

  • Identify process breakdowns in the hospital billing, collections, and cash posting processes, and implementing innovative solutions to address new issues that arise
  • Discovered population of aged accounts that needed resolution which helped relieve A/R by $4M
  • Implemented payer escalation process with top insurers resulting in payments of $2M
  • Trained representatives to use our tool resulting in a 47% increase in productivity

Healthcare Consultant/project Manager

Established work plan for each phase of project and arranged for recruitment and assignment of project personnel.

  • Managed activities and project personnel to ensure project progressed on schedule and within prescribed budget.
  • Reviewed status reports prepared by project personnel and modified schedules/plans as required.
  • Prepared project reports for management, clients and others.
  • Consulted with clients to determine their needs and priorities.
  • Detailed knowledge of Medicare, Medicaid, Managed Care, HMO's, PPO's, Workers Compensation and BC/BS insurances.

Healthcare Consultant

Collaborated with Community Health Centers to help form an IPA to obtain managed care contracts

  • Developed comprehensive Provider Manuals
  • Created robust quality goals and metrics for physician groups and health plans.
  • Established comprehensive Bonus Criteria for physicians meeting strict financial and quality goals
  • Managed Care IPA development

Healthcare Consultant

Assumed an interim management role responsible for a large operational staff and $600M in receivable across all healthcare payers.

  • Engaged CFOs of all 21 hospitals within the Health System and Leadership staff at various Payers to increase cash flow.
  • Led operations and strategic directions with full responsibility for bottom-line factors, including long range planning. Financial Analysis, P & L Management and Client Relations.
  • Staff Management -select and hired an exceptional staff. Provided comprehensive professional development and succession planning to ensure reaching challenging operational goals.
  • Exceeded Monthly Collection Goals for consecutive months.

Healthcare Consultant Independent

Worked for numerous corporations and organizations as a contracted employee, providing support for various out of state hospitals with reimbursements and accounts receivable assistance. Developed extensive project management and skill sets in the following areas:

  • Follow-up, collections, cash posting, adjustments, write-offs in addition to reconciliation.
  • Increased revenue through loss prevention and cash acceleration and denial management methodology
  • Resolved patient financial issues by establishing payment plans, in addition to financial assistance, for Hospice patients and their families.

Senior Associate, Healthcare Consultant

Served as the primary relationship manager for portfolio of 14 hospital and health system clients; worked with client team to enhance revenue cycle performance through data-driven process improvement and risk mitigation

  • Launched 7 new clients in fall 2013; conducted web-based product instructional sessions, performed initial data assessment, and presented recommended action plan to senior leadership and staff to attain buy-in for ICD-10 preparation
  • Managed project timelines and ensuring that clients generated significant value from partnership with the Advisory Board
  • Educated executives and staff on ICD-10, clinical documentation, RAC programs, and revenue impact topics; identified areas of opportunity and risk to prioritize strategies within long-term plan
  • Analyzed operational, clinical, and financial performance and diagnosed issues/causes to provide recommendations and drive

Independent Healthcare Consultant

for new coverage area for Managed Care Plan

  • Developed and maintained referral relationships between physicians and Radiology Group
  • Developed and implemented marketing strategies to recruit Providers into local transportation IPA
  • Developed and maintained relationships with Insurance Companies on behalf of Provider offices. Including all phases of contracting, credentialing, and problem resolution
  • Insurance claim resolution for Providers and insured individuals
  • Managed all aspects of regulatory audit for Insurance Company

Hotline Specialist / Healthcare Consultant

  • Collected information, researched inquiries, responded to customers and field representatives and recorded all data for these calls and e-mails coming in for the hotline in an Access database
  • Provided current and accurate coding and reimbursement information to customers and field representatives from both professional/physician and an outpatient hospital perspectives
  • Performed detailed ICD-9 and CPT audits with deliverables to the client
  • Provide coding and coding support to various customers as needed
  • Extensive experience with Microsoft Office products including Word,
  • Ability to multi-task. Extremely organized and self-motivated

Independent Healthcare Consultant, New Jersey

Consulted as a Healthcare subject matter expert to the client, a patient advocacy company.

  • Formulated scope and objectives document for the system (patient advocacy portfolio).
  • Served as a primary liaison between business team, users, and technical personnel to assure that application
  • Documented and performed workflow analysis on the business area processes, systems, information flows,

Independent Healthcare Consultant

  • Facilitated project assistance for designated healthcare organizations.
  • Evaluated office operations of a medical practice. Developed and implemented action initiatives and streamlined recommendations in the areas of policy and procedures that resulted improved customer service and quality care.
  • Secured physicians for healthcare marketing firm conducting pharmaceutical studies.
  • Researched and investigated contacts within nursing and medical education departments at numerous hospitals and outpatient centers.
  • Developed and implemented strategic telemarketing protocol to enhance company sales of educational products.


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