Transition Words For 5 Paragraph Essays About Macbeth

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1 Writers Workshop: Macbeth Literary Analysis Essay Feedback
Ms. MathewsEnglish 10 Honors

2 Workshop Overview Basic Writing Expectations Introduction Paragraphs
Thesis StatementsUsing Quotations AppropriatelyTransitions Between and Inside ParagraphsConclusion Paragraphs

3 Basic Writing Expectations:
Formatting (just do it right!)Tense (LPT!)POV (3rd only!)Contractions (DO NOT do it!)Titles (seriously?!)A person is a WHO, not a THAT.“Macbeth is someone WHO goes after what he wants.”Use clear, concise diction.Avoid weak words, clichés, and informal tone.

4 General Style TipsAvoid rhetorical questions and exclamation points in formal writing. (They are cheesy!!!!!!)Remove extra THAT’s from your writing.“Macbeth knows he will need to do something that he might not otherwise consider so that he can be king.”Avoid vague or wishy-washy statements:He can be described as…Macbeth seems to be…It appears as though…One can see…Avoid repetition, redundancy, and saying the same thing multiple times. (get it?)

5 Introduction Paragraphs
The introduction should fill readers in on the important information they need to know before reading your essay.You are literally introducing readers to the play:“Reader, this is Macbeth. Macbeth, this is the reader.” (Well, not really the second part)You may provide a BRIEF overview of the plot, but don’t retell the entire story.Introduction paragraphs should be more than one sentence of background + a thesis. Aim for approximately FOUR sentences.

6 What NOT to do in the Introduction
Do not gush excessively about how wonderful the text is. After all, who are you to judge Shakespeare’s work? He’s a heck of a lot more famous than you!But seriously, avoid judging the work as “excellent,” “brilliant,” “exceptional,” “magnificent,” or any other cheesy adjectives.(In short, you do not need to convince me it is a brilliant piece of literature; I would not have assigned it if it was not. Do not be a suck up.) 

7 Strong Introduction Examples
“Set during the middle ages, Shakespeare’s play Macbeth is a story about political intrigue and regicide. Macbeth and his wife Lady Macbeth embark on a murderous path in search of power….”“Shakespeare’s tragic play Macbeth, traces the rise and fall of an ambitious Scottish lord. At the beginning, Macbeth is a well honored general and thane of the King of Scotland; however, after a peculiar run in with a trio of prophetic witches, Macbeth begins to question his subservient nature and begins also to wonder whether he should be king….”

8 Thesis StatementsProvide a TAG either in the thesis itself, or elsewhere in the intro paragraph.Your thesis must be ONE sentence!I realize some of you may have learned to write a separate thesis and method statement; however, it is best to combine them into one concise statement.It must also be clear, concise, & defendable, not simply a fact.In English 10 Honors, the thesis statement appears LAST in the intro paragraph.

9 More about Thesis Statements
A truly insightful thesis should not simply regurgitate the prompt.“In Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s relationship changes.”This is only a level one thesis: it doesn’t provide any insight into how or why the relationship changes.A Level Two thesis provides an extension:“In Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, the initially unnatural balance of power between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth ultimately shifts when Macbeth no longer feels remorse for his murderous actions and Lady Macbeth experiences the tangible effects of her sins in the form of hallucinations and sleepwalking.”

10 Incorporating a Method Statement into the Thesis
A method statement indicates to readers HOW you plan to prove your thesis or the specific points or events you will address.Basic Thesis: “Macbeth changes from a war hero to a tyrant in Shakespeare’s play Macbeth.”Thesis with Method Statement: “His decisions to murder Duncan and Banquo, as well as his irrational slaughter of Macduff’s family demonstrate Macbeth’s downward spiral from a war hero to a cruel tyrant desperate to maintain power in Shakespeare’s tragic play Macbeth.”

11 AssertionsFor the purposes of this assignment, the assertions of your two body paragraphs should address the entire course of the play.If you wrote about Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s character changes, one assertion should address how M is at the beginning AND at the end; the next should address the same for LM.If you wrote about power shift in M & LM’s relationship, the first assertion should clearly state who has power in the beginning; the second should explain who is in control at the end.

12 Using Quotations Appropriately
Make sure you use enough of the original quote so it makes sense in the paragraph you are writing (no quote frags!)After killing Duncan’s guards, Macbeth exclaims, “Th’ expedition of my violent love” (II.iii.129).This is not a complete quote OR a complete thoughtDo not use [square brackets] to translate Shakespearean phrasing into modern language; brackets should only be used to clarify or add necessary information

13 Using Quotes Appropriately
Do not use quotes longer than four typed linesWhen giving context, do not simply list act/scene—provide a brief explanation of situation.Be sure to provide the quote’s context IN the couching sentence—otherwise you will slip into plot summary after the quote, when you should be providing commentary.Example: When Macbeth wavers in his determination to kill Duncan, Lady Macbeth questions his masculinity, saying, “When you durst do it, then you were a man” (I.vii.56).

14 Placement of Quote Context
Consider the following. Which example demonstrates proper context and commentary?Example One: Macbeth says, “Be innocent of the knowledge, dearest chuck, till thou applaud the deed” (III.ii.51-2). Macbeth is telling Lady Macbeth not to worry and to let him take charge of their plans.Example Two: Macbeth reassures Lady Macbeth that he will take care of their plans: “Be innocent of the knowledge, dearest chuck, till thou applaud the deed” (III.ii.51-2). Macbeth has asserted his power, regaining his role as man in their relationship.

15 Transitions Between Paragraphs
Do NOT rely on contrived transitions to link two paragraphs.Furthermore, Additionally, Secondly, In conclusion, etc.Use TOPICAL transitions between body paragraphs.To transition between paragraphs, refer to a word, phrase, or idea from the LAST sentence of the previous paragraph in the FIRST sentence of the next paragraph.

16 Strong Transition Example #1
He is so frightened about feeling even guiltier that he invokes darkness to hide his conscience from guilt. Although Macbeth and his wife call upon darkness to conceal their actions, it is common knowledge amongst characters in Macbeth that unnatural events and murderous actions occur when night falls.

17 Strong Transition Example #2
With the night assisting them, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth feel much better about killing their great king. After the murder of Duncan, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth call on darkness once more, this time to help cover up their murder.

18 Strong Transition Example #3
By undermining his masculinity and bribing him with her affection, Lady Macbeth gains complete control over Macbeth’s decision. This controlling element of their relationship continues throughout the play, but Lady Macbeth’s role switches to the subservient one.

19 Strong Transition Example #4
In this marriage…Macbeth plays the woman and his wife the man. Although Macbeth possesses womanly qualms, he soon reverts back to a more “manly” state, while Lady Macbeth becomes more delicate and troubled by comparison.

20 Transitions WITHIN Paragraphs
Use transition words INSIDE paragraphs to link together ideas and sentences.Do not jump from one idea to the next without drawing readers along.In this assignment, many people switched tracks too quickly, leaving readers confused.Use transition words like Furthermore, Similarly, Additionally, Consequently, etc. to move from the first half of an Assertive Paragraph to the second half (from evidence/comm #1 to ev/comm #2).

21 Conclusion Paragraphs
A strong conclusion must start with the restated thesis.Do not repeat your thesis word for word; simply rephrase the idea (you don’t need a full TAG)Your conclusion should NOT simply repeat all your previous points, but should:EXTEND—take your analysis one step furtherEXPAND—connect to a larger them or ideaIt should NOT jump to an entirely new topic.

22 Conclusion Paragraphs
End your essay by somehow relating the topic you are writing about to life, to the world at large, or to a message or moral the author is trying to impart to readers.You are NOT introducing a new topic, simply extending the one you have already presented.This will be the profound thought that sets your essay apart from the average analysis.

23 Grammar FUN! What the heck is PV? (Passive Voice)
John threw the football  active voiceThe football was thrown by John  passive voiceWhich constructions is WORDIER?We’ll study this rule in detail later this year . . .What do semicolons do?They LINK two closely related COMPLETE SENTENCESThey do NOT introduce quotations!

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