Gandhiji The Ceaseless Crusader Essay Definition

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The   Ceaseless Crusader
                            ” Frailty thy name is woman”
The father of our nation , Gandhi had a different view on women. He had been a ceaseless crusader of women. His views on women and his role in the up-liftment of women is presented in the essay.

Gandhi   A Radical Reformer
                                            Gandhi was a radical reformer. Other social reformers wanted to uplift and   bring relief to women.   But Gandhiji wanted to empower them.   He wanted to educate them.   He wanted to women to be equal participants in all walks of life.   He says,

“ Fundamentally men and women are one each is a complement of the other.   The one cannot live without the others active help.”

Gandhi   Against Blind Tradition

Gandhiji was against following any tradition very blindly.   To him the deciding question is whether it will take us closer to God.   He says,

“I do not accept the blind belief that everything is good because it is ancient because it is Indian “
Social evils like untouchability, child marriage, child widowhood were very ancient tradition of India. At the time they were not in agreement with truth. As a reformer he spoke very strongly against these evils.

His Experiment with Truth

                                          Ghandhi’s life story   My Experiment with Truth helped him to find in the true path.   To him God was truth.   He says the definition of God is difficult to understand , the definition of Truth is easy to find in ones conscience.   His experiments with his wife made him conclude that the female sex is not the weaker sex.   It is the nobler of the two.

Ahimsa and Sathyagraha

    Ahimsa means infinite love.   It again means infinite capacity for suffering Gandhiji Says “ It is women who show great love.   If non violence is the law of our being the future is with women if only the women of the world could come together they would kick away the atom bomb like a ball...

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