Module 13 Lesson 1 Mastery Assignment Of Benefits

Mod 13 Lesson 1 Assignment: Imperialism http://www.sascurriculumpathways.comQL#192Part 1: Perspectives on the Opium TradeRead the issues in the middle column. Complete the left column by summarizing the Chinese perspective on each issue. In the right column summarize the British perspective on each issue. ChineseIssuesBritishThey had lots of items to sell but they didn’t want totrade with great Britain because of the unfavorable amount of trade Amount of Chinese tea sold to Great Britain They demanded silk, and other goods from china, but they didn’t have anything to trade with them China thought they shouldn’t be accepting opium because most of their citizens became addicted to it.Amount of opium Britain sold to ChinaThey believed that they should have kept trading opium because it was a favorable item to trade.They believed that the merchants had to obey thelaws they had, because of the opium war. They say that they can arrest the merchant if they break laws.Freedom of British traders in China

Module 13 Lesson 1 Assignment 2 1. Complete the chart for the amounts of money you earn as a caretaker for the dog each day. Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Standard salary for 1 day 100 100 100 Health bonus 69 63 189 ATen±on bonus 25 75 125 ²oday’s earnings 194 238 414 Cash on hand 718 748 929 2. What foods helped keep the blood glucose levels stable? a. Broccoli, water, samon 3. What foods increase the dog’s blood glucose? a. Cake, Ice cream, soda 4. What foods decreased the dog’s blood glucose? a. Water 5. Explain what the insulin does to the dog’s blood sugar levels? a. It lowers their sugar levels 6. Describe the dog’s behavior changes when his sugar increases or decreases. a. When his blood sugar gets low or high he starts to get angry and then a sad and ±red. 7. Explain any unfavorable outcomes. a. I did not have any unfavorable outcomes when I played this ac±vity. 8. Discuss how having diabetes would aFect a person’s daily ac±vi±es. What would they be able to do or not do compared to other healthy individuals?

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