Do You Work Homework

Should homework be done in school time, rather than at home?

Might sound like a weird question but the President of France, Francois Hollande, thinks that it should.

He's said he doesn't think its fair that some kids get help with their work at home, when lots of others don't.

So he wants to make the school day up to half an hour longer so that children can finish it there.

We want to know what you think

Do you think that you should get time in the school day to do your homework?

Do you think its fair that some kids get more help than others? Or do you think you spend enough time in the classroom already?

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Your comments

"I think it should stay the way it is. Making school 30 minutes longer is annoying when it gets dark so early and in some places it's not safe, also you can't go out with your friends after school and do fun stuff."

Ebony, Essex, England

"I think homework should be done at home, otherwise, why would it be called homework?! Teachers give homework just to see how much you know and how much you can do without them. You can show off to your parents how clever you are and you can teach your mum and dad how to do it!

Genevieve, Oxford, England

"What is the point of having HOMEwork if you don't do it at HOME?! I would rather just have no homework at all! We spend around 6-7 hours of the day at school and then when we have relaxation time the teachers just take it off us!"

Rachael, Warwickshire, England

"I definitely agree with the President of France. I go home every day with homework to do. Sometimes it can be easy but then there are some homework sheets that I don't 100% understand, and there is no one to help you that also 100% understands it."

Alfie, London, England

"I think homework should be done in school, because it gives you time to do whatever you like when you come home."

Lauren, Brighton

"HOMEWORK - the clue is in the name. It should be done at home, if you need help well that's what mums are for."

Kayleigh, Edinburgh, Scotland

"I think homework should be done at home because you learn more at home and I get home educated. Plus as well it is getting really dark and dangerous outside."

Georgina, Sunderland, England

"Most of the time I do it at school but if it is like revising, I do it at home."

Sophie, Huddersfield, England

"We should do our homework at home; it encourages us to work by ourselves, instead of being helped by a teacher. By working by yourself, you learn how to think independently. I enjoy learning so am really keen on homework!!!"

Ameerah, Glasgow, Scotland

"I think that homework should be done in school because at home you can cheat by using Google and this would not help you because in school you can't use Google to do all your work."

Sophie, Devon England

"Sometimes I work until late in the evening. It would be nice if I could finish it always at school, then I would have more time to do things I like!"

Danielle, Andijk, The Netherlands

"I think they should do homework in school but don't make the day longer. Make lessons short enough to be able to fit in an extra period for kids to do the homework.

Emily, Liverpool England

"I think that homework should be done at school if possible. My school has three fully-equipped computer suites, and we are allowed to do our homework at school.

Khawar, Buckinghamshire, England

"I think it should be done at school because not everyone has the right supplies to do the work at home."

Rachel, Scotland

"I think we should not get any homework at all as we spend most of our day at school doing work anyway and then we have to come home and do more work!"

Grace, Middlesex, England

"I think homework should be done at school - then you can get help from the teachers that set it and you won't get distracted by things like TV and the internet."

Abbie, London, England

"I think it would be great because I go to a welsh school and therefore my mum can't help me with my homework because she can't speak welsh."

Ellies, Newport, Wales

"At our school we have a homework club, so if children want to get their homework done at school, they can!"

Zara, Surrey, England

"I live in France and we already finish at 5.15pm and have loads of free periods, so to finish even later would just be stupid"

Alastair Dordogne, France

"I think that it's a great idea! Nobody could cheat by using google, I'd have more time to do what I like at home and I wouldn't forget to do my homework or leave my homework at home/school!"

Sade, London, England

"I don't think it would be a good idea because people who live far away will have to walk home in the dark sometimes."

Bailie, Bournemouth, England

Parents can get confused by the different messages on whether to help or not, says Dr Kate Ellis-Davies, senior lecturer at the psychology department of Nottingham Trent University. "That confusion," she explains, "comes from everyone meaning different things by 'helping' with homework.

"Helping can be simply being aware of the amount of homework set and helping children to plan ahead and time manage the different tasks they need to do. This kind of help is commonly encouraged by schools, with parents or caregivers initialling homework diaries, for example. Children tend to respond positively."

Motivation is another way of lending support: "This is about encouraging the student in the work they are doing, regardless of the topic," she says. "Importantly, this seems to be helpful only if the student doesn't perceive this as the parents exerting pressure on the child to perform. So, help in motivating that focuses on effort and interest in the work rather that outcome tends to be encouraged in schools."

Conversely, avoiding the homework hour altogether isn't ideal, says David Messer, the emeritus professor of child development and learning at the Open University. "It can reduce confidence if parents seldom give help and appear uninterested, especially if their child is stuck or does not understand something."

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