Argument Essay Example Topics For An Exemplification

A List Of Good Examples Of Exemplification Essay Topic Ideas

Writing an exemplification essay, you have to prove your point using specific examples. You will be able to find the facts but your task will be to not only present them but also naturally incorporate in your writing. The first task you will have to face, though, is coming up with a proper topic.

Exemplification Essay Topic Ideas: A List of Suggestions

  • Europe needs leaders.
  • The inefficiency of the EU in crisis management should provide enough evidence for it.
  • The decline of morals in America.
  • The war on terror was a mistake as was the war on drugs.
  • People don’t need formal education to become successful.
  • Religious education in schools.
  • Classical music is dead.
  • We don’t hear about a new Mozart or Beethoven. No better is the situation with great instrumentalists, so you will not have a lack of evidence.
  • Homeschooling.
  • Take a stand on the issue of homeschooling and provide enough facts in support of your position.
  • The effects of social networking.
  • Gun control in the US.
  • What is better, online or traditional education?
  • Should church and state be separate?
  • Americans should eat less.
  • Males (females) are better in studies.
  • Higher education doesn’t make people more civilized and cultured.
  • You need a college degree to get a good career.
  • Mobile phones destroy our lives.
  • Professional sports are not healthy.
  • Group learning is better than individual learning.
  • Math is the most important subject at school.
  • Politicians don’t care about their voters.
  • People become more self-conscious with age.
  • Is it important for school students to take musical education courses?

If you have difficulty selecting a relevant and interesting topic for your exemplification essay or writing on it, feel free to turn to one of reliable and professional writing agencies.

Advice on Composing Your Exemplification Essay

Make sure that your paper contains five paragraphs. Put forward your thesis statement in the first one and proceed with providing details in support of it in the paragraphs two to four. Restate your thesis in the last paragraph.

Make an outline before putting your paper together. Thus it will be easier for you to consistently state your arguments and not get off track. Having the paper finished, take your time to revise it. Pay attention to how well you structure your sentences, do transitions between paragraphs, and communicate the general idea of your composition.

A List Of Outstanding Exemplification Essay Topic Ideas

An exemplification essay requires you to provide many examples in support of the generalization that you are offering. Each of the examples should explain your point, make an argument about your point, or prove your point. Only enough examples and details need to be used in order to get your key point across. You can present the information you have in chronological order, descending order, or ascending order. If you need to write an exemplification essay, there are many potential topics on which you can write. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the potential topics out there and you long for something that can give you some direction, consider the list below:

  • Write about the impact that our current levels of technology are having on our culture
  • Write about the impact that growing numbers of fast food restaurants have had outside of America
  • Write about the importance for school aged children to take musical education courses
  • Write about whether there exists a strong need for gun control
  • Write about the impact that businesses feel from social networking
  • Discuss the impact that businesses feel from online reviews from customers
  • Discuss the impact that online education has had on traditional education
  • Discuss the impact that hoarding has on families
  • Review the impact that Henry VIII’s religion has on modern England
  • Review the impact that Title IX has had on enrollment in high schools

It is important to note that these topics are meant to be a guide. They should serve as a foundation from which you are able to select a topic yourself that is of direct interest to you, and applicable to your project. Not all of the example topic ideas above are going to apply to your project. In fact, you might find that none of them do.

You can take some time to brainstorm ideas after reviewing this list in search of things that are best suited to your project. For example, you can review your course textbooks in search of ideas that are more relevant to the course assignments. You can reflect upon the magazines, newspapers, and movies you have read or watched as of late to see if anything inspires you or is attractive to you. Brainstorm things that you find interesting, and look over your course notes to see if there are things you previously wanted to explore. These make for great topics.

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