Conclusions For Breast Cancer Essay Test

3 Ways To Approach A Breast Cancer Research Paper

Aside from other communicable diseases which terminate lives, breast cancer has become perhaps the most concentrated topic for finding cures aside from AIDS in several decades now. In your scholastic tenure, you’ll probably need to write something related to breast cancer in the form of research assignments. Since many specific angles can be taken when writing on such delicate matters, we included three ways to approach a breast cancer research paper so when you’ve been assigned this project, you’ll understand ahead of time what possibilities you have for completing this writing task.

Take A Self-Stance

Without pouring excessive research into the subject matter, you could write facts you’ve experienced in your family while including research. You could include what you feel the problems are, whether doctors or researchers are adequately addressing stem cell research for breast cancer treatment or even if we’ll ever find the cure we seek for this devastating ailment. This could potentially be more special than other papers because pouring your heart into writing about research.

Attack The Problem

Men or women can be plagued with breast cancer; your research paper about breast cancer could simply take on the problem, what statistics are saying about potential cures and why you feel strongly about political agenda avoiding the issue. You’ll need to back findings up with verifiable data sources and current interviews from doctors in the field. Taking the ‘attack’ approach to writing breast cancer research papers will engage the reader and perhaps give your final grade the boost it needs.

Discuss Treatment Options

You could skip the problem addressing and simply research all available treatment options for breast cancer, such as chemotherapy, specific treatment centers, cell therapies or whatever is currently working on the market. Each method of treatment needs to be equally challenged for both positive and negative outcomes while containing relevant data that gives readers something to consider, especially if they never knew certain treatment options you researched were available to them. Many professors and teachers would heavily favor this writing approach.


Breast cancer, much like other life-threatening diseases, is perhaps one of the more difficult subject areas to write about since many methods, tests and data are continually being updated, added to or tried. For the most accurate angle on breast cancer research paper writing, take plenty of time for research so you completely understand what’s being done and , of course, what you’ll be up against.

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The 20th century is characterized by an abnormal growth of cancer diseases and it was proved there are hundreds of different types of this illness known to people. Only think how many unknown diseases are still there too. Despite the fact that many people with this disease can be cured by modern medicine, there is always a percentage of people are predetermined to die of this horrible disease.

What is cancer? It is uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the human’s organism. It may take place almost in each organ and sometimes it is not recognized and noticed until the very last stage. No wonder so many scientific studies are conducted on this topic. They all are organized in numerous academic and scientific work including breast cancer research paper for college students as it remains the main concern of the medical field.

More than half a million people die of this disease on a daily basis. Such terrifying statistics forces scientists to continue the experiments and studies of this problem.

Their main purpose is to save as many lives as possible, but they hardly have time to waste for proper organization. That is why here you can find information on how to write a research paper on breast cancer and save even more women’s lives.

What Is The Structure Of Breast Cancer Research Paper?

The importance of the topic makes it incredibly popular among young scientists and such papers serve as additional educational means to attract more attention to this problem. It is a very complicated topic, but it has a standard structure.

Writing a research paper about breast cancer it is important to include five basic parts into it.

  • The introduction should contain the definition of the disease, its history and some statistics on the victims.
  • The second paragraph speculates on the topic of the disease nature and its main types, and if you can add a detailed description of each type, it will be a plus.
  • The third paragraph focuses on the breast disease causes. Usually there are three of them: heredity factor, age, and unsuitable diet, but you can also focus on some unique cases where the causes are rather ambiguous too.
  • The fourth paragraph mentions the most popular ways treatment. Or you can choose to write a research paper on cancer breast treatment. Here one can mention how to detect this disease, the main therapy methods and the ways how to cope with the surgery consequences.
  • The last paragraph is fully dedicated to conclusions of the work.

How To Write A Research Paper On Breast Cancer?

Apart from the standardly structured essays medical science offers a diversity of close to medicine topics that are to be described in scientific papers too. If you need to learn how to make a research papers on breast cancer contemporary and significant you can use the following ideas:

  1. Choose the best and most helpful treatments for cancer of breasts and describe them in the order from the least to the most effective one.
  2. Explore the topic of stem cells use in treatment.
  3. Hereditary breast cancer genes: are they a boost for women to undertake earlier examination?
  4. What foods that increase or decrease the risks of getting ill?
  5. How can pollution influence the development of this illness (provide some statistical data or facts from scientific studies) and are there any ways to protect yourself from it?
  6. List persuasive advice why women should make mammograms annually.
  7. What is metastatic illness and when it happens etc.

Some of these topics are closely connected with medicine, the others show how other conditions may influence the development of disease, but anyways all of them are incredibly important and require detailed research to be shown in the breast cancer research work too.

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