Event Coordinator Resume Cover Letter

Special Events Coordinator Cover Letter

Write a special events coordinator cover letter in a precise format that exactly describes your professionalism and competency for this job. Your special events coordinator cover letter will be perfect only if the recruiter finds it to be complete and precise with the information you want to convey. To write that perfect cover letter, the style of presentation adapted in your cover letter needs to be highly impressive.

The format generally used to write a cover letter begins with your introduction and contact details followed by the recruiters' details including his/her designation in the organization. In the next section, you have to use a formal salutation such as "Dear" or "Respected" with recruiters name to be specific. The body of your cover letter must state how well informed you are with the job and your experience in this profession. Here you have to present clear and specific information so that the recruiter does not feel that his/her time is wasted in reading your cover letter. Explain how you have performed in the past and how can you serve the recruiter if given a chance. State your skills along with your interest for this profession. The conclusion paragraph must show that you appreciate and thank the recruiter for having read your letter and also state that you are looking forward to a reply. Close your letter with "Yours sincerely", "Sincerely", "Respectfully yours" or "Warm regards" followed by your name and signature.

Job of a Special Events Coordinator

A special events coordinator has to make different arrangements for events planned by institutes, organization, corporate clients and other companies and social interest groups. The special events coordinator has to look after the various preparations and make sure that the arrangements are made to meet the event requirements.

Follow the format and presentation style of the sample special events coordinator cover letter to understand how your cover letter must appear.

Sample Special Events Coordinator Cover Letter

George Carter
2781, Regent Lane, Ford Square
Boston, Massachusetts 27740
United States

Date: November 6, 2011

Maria Jacobs
Recruitment Manager
Edison Event Planners
Boston, Massachusetts 27741
United States

Subject: Application for the job of Special Events Coordinator posted in HRview.com

Dear Maria,

I just came to know that you are recruiting Special Events Coordinator for your organization. I present my application and resume for this post. I am an experienced special events coordinator and my qualifications match the profile requirements posted for the position.

I am working as a Special Events Coordinator at Redwood Events for the past six years. During this period, I have mastered all skills of organizing and managing special events according to the specific requirements of different clients. I have been involved in the planning and management of various events ranging from educational seminars, trade fairs, product launch events, fashion shows and many other events. I have also been associated in the planning of "Auto Blizzard", the largest automobile exhibition held in New York every year.

As an individual, I possess excellent organizational skills and analytical outlook. I am result and perfection oriented. I am meet deadlines and as per my past experience, I believe in delivering satisfactory services to the clients as per their requirements and budget.

I am sending my resume, reference letters and credentials for your reference. You can contact me according to your convenience to schedule an interview. I am thankful that you took time to read my resume and looking forward for a prompt and positive reply.

Respectfully yours,
George Carter

Always remember that your special events coordinator cover letter acts like your spokesperson. Keep it high on information while very low on the text so that the recruiter can get the right message and also learns about your qualifications in lesser time.

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Dear Mr. Burkholder,

I am writing to apply for the position of Special Events Coordinator with the Golden Gate Conservancy. I am professional with seven years of experience in event planning and coordination. In my current position as a freelance Events Coordinator and Planner I assist clients in putting together important events of all kinds from corporate meetings to weddings.

I am excellent at handling all of the details and enjoy putting my creativity to use during each planning phase. I am familiar and have close relationships with many local service professional including caterers bakeries and florists; I am a stellar networker.My greatest skill lies in helping clients to bring their visions to life. I have been praised for my genuine desire to determine what the client is hoping for and in maintaining communication each step of the process to make sure I am on the right track.

I would love to bring this professionalism and intuitive attention to detail to your staff as Special Events Coordinator. I know you will find my skills talents and experience meet your needs. Please reach out by phone or email at your earliest convenience to arrange an interview and to view my portfolio. I appreciate your consideration.


Ellen Davies

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