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Communism and Capitalism: Strange Bedfellows Essay

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What is it about communism that makes many people scurry and cringe? In America, the mere word might as well be banned from the dictionary. The only time it is used is when talking about new aggressive movements by totalitarian communist countries. American’s tolerance level for communism is zero to none. Is communism so horrific that the thought of some forms being successful is out of the question? In society today, capitalism is the leading economic system. When compared to other systems, few meet its standards of living. Capitalists take this fact and hold it at the heart. They become close-minded to all other forms of government—especially communism.
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Many capitalists are convinced that capitalism is the only efficient system. But contrary to their belief, there are alternate utopian enterprises that run efficiently in smaller scale nations.
Proponents of capitalism claim that it is the most effective economic system and should be spread across the globe and set up in nations stricken by communism and other totalitarian governments. Some reason that capitalism has the potential to reduce world poverty. Abbas J. Ali, Professor of Management and Director, School of International Management, Eberly College of Business, at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, believes that capitalist business executives, “driven by pragmatism and humility and free of nationalistic or parochial prejudice, continuously search to upgrade market mechanisms to incorporate the ever-changing needs of a world’s population, be they rich or poor” (208). In other words, executives are out to serve customers and are always looking for new ways to efficiently do this. In turn, they contribute to the task of solving world poverty.
Jon Mueller, professor of political science at Ohio State University, states that humans are flawed and if a government wishes to be successful, it must learn to cooperate with man’s imperfections (45); he believes capitalism does this well. Mueller points out that capitalism does not “profess” to make all

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Is Communism a better economic system than capitalism? By Michael Kujawski

Since the beginning of the 20th century many countries have favored the economic system of communism over capitalism many political partys around the world that are communist based have the term “workers party”incuded in their name because communism is a system for the working class and capitalism is a competitive system for the upper class society to benefit. Communism was not envisioned by one person but molded and perfected by many one of the key contributors to the creation of communism was Karl Marx who wrote The Communist Manifesto which heavily criticized capitalism “The flaws Marx found in…show more content…

In a book titled the wealth of nations by Adam smith he writes “capitalism was the most logical, lucrative, and moral political and economic system. In this system, individual people are free to own property and do with it what they wish, they can also spend and earn in the manner they see fit. Privately owned property combined with the desire to earn, spend, and act productively leads to the natural market functions of the free market economy. The free market economy is dictated by competition which leads to the fairest prices and causes only the most efficient producers and consumers to benefit. Capitalism is not a political or economic philosophy that only benefits the rich but everyone, because private property exists, everyone has the chance to own, create, and earn their own living” (Smith., 10).Many countries around the world have been successful with capitalism for example the united states has run on a capitalistic system being very successful propelling the U.S to the top economic and world power in the world even Karl Marx the father of communism somewhat liked capitalism stating “No other social system in history , had proved so revolutionary. In a mere handful of centuries, the capitalist middle classes had erased almost every trace of their feudal foes from the face of the earth. They had piled up cultural and material treasures,

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