Frivolite Tatting Lesson 11 Homework


Jon Yusoff’s Dealing with Ends – many ways of finishing off tatting.

Frivole’s Finishing on a Chain - no ends to sew in. Pictorial on flickr. Also a post on Jeanie’s Magic Loops.  Also,  Magic Loops video demo 

How to Hide Ends with the Magic Thread Trick with video

Charlene’s Hiding Ends  

Cactus’ New Way of hiding ends . A diagrammatic representation (tape tail to core thread while tatting)  

Tatting Chic’s tips in the Comments section

Leader Thread in shuttle : Gina Butler's video showing a knot that can be undone when required. 

Beginning with a slip knot pictorial by Gina Butler

Weaver's Knot demo by Mark Myers ( tatman )



Mark Myer’s Inverted Tatting  - clear pictures & instructions

Karen Cabrera’s Lesson 72 Inverted Tatting - video demonstration



Joins in Shuttle Tatting series . Part 1 & Part II ... more to come

Swirl Join - Nina Libin

Lark's Head Picot Join - Lily Morales

Onion Ring Join - Jennifer Williams

Onion Rings - ball thread join - Georgia Seitz

Split Chain Join – Sabina Bina Madden

Slope & Roll Join , CWJ , Lock Join - Debbie Arnolds

Catherine Wheel Join Marilee Rockley video

Catherine Wheel Join Allegory  Patricia Lyn Cobb's fun tutorial
Long Picot Join , in pdf (or decorative picot join)
How to untat the Lock Join

PICOT JOIN TO THE RIGHT - when the last element to which join is to be made, is to the right of present element.
Folded Joins -



Self-padded double stitch, Double double stitch, Balanced double stitch -- these all refer to the Same technique / stitch.

Self-padded double stitch (s-p ds) -- (by Rhoda Auld). History, multiplicity of terminology, & related discussion. Thread started by Judith Connors in InTatters

Double double stitch (DDS) -- tutorial by Jane Eborall

Balanced double stitch (BDS) -- tutorial & video demo by Ruth Perry

Self-Padded double stitch experiments (chains) -- my experimentation with Chains & Josephine Rings.  -- Karen Cabrera's Lesson 54 - BDS

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