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The team at Business Intelligence Reports have worked with several manufacturers helping to implement business intelligence solutions to solve a variety of commercial challenges. Here is a selection of real life business intelligence case studies produced by our BI consultants based on actual businesses which we have helped through implementing business intelligence reporting solutions. These BI case study downloads provide an overview of the commercial challenges which were overcome through the innovative use of business intelligence solutions to visualise data and develop business reporting solutions using of BI developers. These business intelligence case studies are provided in PDF format.


Offshore Engineering Business Gets Clarity on Job Costings BI Case Study

Following the implementation of an MRP system, this Lancashire based business were experiencing significant difficulties in managing project costings for large complex engineering projects. This lack of visibility of up to date job costings made jobs extremely difficultto cost and quote. The net result was that jobs were often under quoted due to materials and labour cost overruns. B.I. Reports identified the requirement for an in depth cost reporting tool which could analyse costs across a range of work orders. The benefit of this solution is that the management team now have on demand access to live production data allowing closer management of projects and greater control on products costs ensuring expected profit margins are realised.



Aerospace Manufacturer Gain O.E.E. Shopfloor Insight BI Case Study

This aerospace machine shop were experiencing operational issues around being able to effectively measure machine resource availability and production output levels. Also root cause analysis was often difficult to carry out as this was only highlighted after the event rather than in real time. As some of their machinery resources were very expensive capital investment resources, it was imperative that they ensured high levels of productive output for these resources were achieved. B.I. Reports were able to implement a visual view of the shopfloor production facility using a traffic light system for highlighting where bottlenecks and production delays were occurring onthe shopfloor as they were happening in real time. The benefit of this for the management team was they could react quicker to issues as they arose meaning a reduction in downtime and increased resource output.



Export Business Identifies Commercial Opportunities in Overseas Export Market BI Case Study

This UK based business which was established 30 years ago exports around 85% of its commercial diving products to Europe and the rest of the world. One of the difficulties they were having was in understanding the order profile for different countries and regions throughout the world. This prevented them from being able to easily identify white space in the products which have been sold into different countries and in turn being able to take commercial advantage of this sales data. B.I. Reports implemented an interactive worldmap with drill down capabilities which allowed sales for different continents and countries to be easily analysed. Further more it could profile country spend by product group to easily highlight commercial opportunities to sell other products. The result of this was greater commercial insight for the sales team and increased sales to existing customers. Finally they were also able to put in place an overseas sales agent network for representation in countries where they had significant demand for their products.



Woodworking Company Improve Efficiency Through Automation of Incentivised Production Bonus Scheme BI Case Study

This woodworking and joinery manufacturer for the house building industry operated an in house incentivised production scheme for their workforce. Using an outdated time clocking machine with clock cards, they would manually have to collate all clock cardtime bookings at the end of each week and process payroll to incorporate the production bonus in employees wage payments. This process was manually time intensive and often prone to human error due to miscalculations and legibility of times recorded. Following the implementation of several bar code shop floor data capture terminals, B.I. Reports were able to develop an automated report that could automatically calculate this data at the press of a button saving approximately 12 hours per week or 624 hours per year which equates to a business cost of approximately £12,500. This solution provided a return on investment within just 5 months. This additional resource also allowed the finance team to spend time working on other value adding work for the business.





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